Tuesday, September 16, 2014

By Karlo Billy Rubia
(Vol.XXX  Issue No. 6, Editorial Cartoon)

Our university on the previous school year has faced myriad of issues. One of those issues include the expensive amount collected for college funds. Many parents claimed that the said fees were too big for a public university like NORSU. Former SGDC-I President Norelyn Talorete immediately appealed to the president’s office, even to other powerful personalitites in order to make a move about it and after series of meetings and talks, the administration has finally approved to cut down the funds and do some refund for the excessed payments. Students were very happy. Some were thankful for they can at least return the refunded money to their beloved parents. Others jumped for joy for they can perhaps keep the money for good.
            But this good news has sacrificed a lot in terms of the college’s projects and activities. Many Norsunians would complain why there were few programs and activities especially during founders week, well, that simply answers it!
            Another problem emerged on the later part of the second semester wherein one of the college governors who was running for SGDC president was alleged to have personally used the money of their own college. Many were shocked! Especially when the university president announced it during the awarding of honor students. However, what shocked the students most was when the latter won the election. Other students even thought there was sabotage during the election. But no! There was none! The election was peaceful. The results were duly based on the electors’ number of votes.
            Now tell us! Does he really deserve the position? Yes he does! That’s what you answered based on your votes. We just hope you had voted what you think was right, because if not, then you already know what the possible consequences are.
            The third and the biggest problem the university specifically the administration has faced was when the students initiated a rally last ______________. First two aforementioned problems were some of the reasons for the unfriendly act. Other reasons include the alleged corrupt and puppets of the administration, removal of some trusted NORSU staffs ______.
            Said rally was led by some of the powerful student body officers which made it more influential to everyone’s eyes. We say it was partly right and partly wrong. Partly right for it is the students right to express their sentiments towards the administration’s disruptive leadership. And partly wrong because it has dented the image of our university. Since it was aired by the media, many were informed what NORSU really is and what kind of leaders and students it has.
            We wrote this editorial not to favor the admin nor the students. We hear both sides. We balance things. Thus, we believe we are in one family. Yes! We all have the freedom of expression yet that does not give us the reason to create a war between ourselves. Everything can always be solved with a peaceful talk or assembly.
            Students sometime feel they have been neglected by the administration especially by the president because they think he has not allotted time for them. Or perhaps, they were wrong, the president has tried his best to serve yet it was covered up the wrong moves he has made.
            It is just the start of the new school year. What if we give each other a chance? What if we change our perceptions towards each other? What if we work hand-in-hand in establishing a good image for our university? Surely, NORSU aside from being one of the best learning institutions, will also be a school of disciplined people.

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